Small creative artists

Not everyone is familiar with the painter kveta pacovska. But many know the pictures, which usually very expressive, colorful and rich in form decorate various children's books. These books are classics that have won many awards. This is precisely why claudia korber, a retired elementary school teacher from bad bruckenau, and her students took the painter's work as a model ten years ago. In the rooms of the city library, where the children's books can be found, schoolchildren had painted three walls in the style of kveta pacovska at that time. Hardly faded are the colorful wall paintings until today. Only one side of the room has been desolate female so far. For this reason, jan marberg, head of the library, initiated a new edition of the painting campaign. "I am very happy that the schoolchildren were allowed to paint again", the now retired teacher says.

"Round and square"

eight fourth-grade schoolgirls were chosen by their teachers to spare the library. Why only girls were allowed to paint? "Because the boys are not so good at painting", the girls say unanimously. "In this case, unfortunately, that was the case", korber confirms. The book "round and square" served as a template for the wall, then as now by kveta pacovska. The girls, however, changed the characters by adding things here and there. A nose ring, for example, or a flower robbery. Artistic freedom.

ex-verfassungsschutzer: v-people not warned about police

He also has no reason to suspect anyone, he said. Roewer headed the agency from 1994 to 2000. After disputes within the office and continuing indiscretions, he was suspended.

In the committee, police officers had previously suspected the office for the protection of the constitution of having warned neo-nazis of raids. In one case, a suspect, who later turned out to be an undercover agent, had killed the officials at 6.00 o’clock in the morning expected. Previously, he had already removed the hard drive of the computer, the police officers reported.

Around the clock, 365 days a year, the staff of the bavarian red cross rescue service are on standby at a total of four rescue stations in the habberge district (ebern, hofheim, habfurt and eltmann) to help seriously injured or acutely ill people. "You don’t have much free time, a young boy was amazed when the red cross came to the sports field in untermerzbach with an ambulance to give an insight into the work of the rescue service.

Ambulances and equipment

The ebern rescue station was happy to accept the invitation of the memmelsdorf and untermerzbach red cross rescue teams, who organized the afternoon for around 25 children from the untermerzbach community, to present an ambulance. The girls and boys were allowed to take a look at the inside of the ambulance and were shown the medical equipment by rescue paramedic michael will and jana mock from the ebern rescue team. They were also allowed to take a seat on the stretcher and learned interesting facts about the work of the rescue service.

Finals draw enthusiasm: 'berlin is sensational'

Normen weber naturally did not want to miss the leap of joy into the spree river. In front of the historic backdrop of the berlin wall, the new german champion in stand up paddling fully enjoyed the unaccustomed rough attention.

"We are a young sport and we can present ourselves here. Things can go on like this," said weber. The fact that the final run in its birthplace was even broadcast live on ARD for an audience of millions is part of the new concept at the premiere of the finals in the capital city.

Mourinho spares khedira and criticizes klopp

Real madrid’s coach jose mourinho fired up the upcoming champions league semifinal duel against borussia dortmund with a side swipe at BVB teammate jurgen klopp.

"Klopp talks every day, and i don’t open my mouth. I want to keep it up," mourinho said in madrid on friday. "It is not time to talk about borussia, but to continue the preparatory work intensively."

Black lives matter turns the art world upside down

For the first time, a human rights movement is ranked number one in the global "power 100" art ranking. In the corona year, the international movement black lives matter tops the list of the most influential people and movements in contemporary art published by the british art magazine "artreview.

Of course, the 20-member anonymous jury could have made it easy for itself and put corona in first place. The virus, which is on the move worldwide with deadly force, has also shaken the art business: museums are closed in lockdown, almost all art fairs have been canceled, artists are fighting for their existence, galleries are losing influence. The jury states: "the year 2020 has shown us how powerless we all are."

after schreuder out: hoffenheim expects nagelsmann

For julian nagelsmann, it’s the first return to his old stomping grounds with RB leipzig – and TSG 1899 hoffenheim would have preferred to keep the star coach there right away.

The bundesliga encounter between the two clubs on friday (20.30 o’clock/DAZN and amazon prime) has suddenly slipped into the middle of the search for a new head coach at the kraichgauers.

munch company builds in rugendorf

Managing director mario munch plans to create another 25 new jobs there.
It was not easy for the 30-year-old entrepreneur to turn his back on the birthplace of his company, the weibenbrunn suburb of gossersdorf. However, the lack of expansion possibilities, the transport links to the town and weaknesses in the infrastructure quickly made mario munch realize that a steadily growing company could not have a future in gossersdorf, especially as the new, patented flat roof system for photovoltaic systems was to be produced by the company itself and marketed worldwide.

Jobs close to home

Bamberg must pay over 40.000 ballots reprinted

It was an hour-long and undoubtedly difficult discussion that lord mayor andreas starke (SPD) had with government president wilhelm wenning in bayreuth. "We have a really very complicated situation here" said starke on friday around 6 p.M.

Shortly before the decision was made. The city's ballots for the city council elections on march 16. March 2014 will be completely reprinted if they have not yet been cast. The city of bamberg thus complies with a recommendation of the government of upper franconia, which has the duty of supervision in election matters. The city also agreed to this step in consultation with the interior ministry. "We had to find a way to minimize the risk of a successful election challenge", said strong.

"He was so hungry that he drank half the aisle!" captain peter lorz was not at a loss for an answer when it came to refuting the arguments of the hochstadt city council. The condition of the city guard was not so bad after all, the mayor (gunter schulz) had countered the representative of the bishop of bamburg who had been commissioned to conduct the audit, pointing out that there were some handsome bellies in the force.

The "hochstadter musketeers were on saturday with a historical representation including stammtisch on the way. For all the fun that the history-conscious people of hochstadt undoubtedly had, the event was based on a historical background.